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At, we also bring together a team of highly experienced craftsmen and a culture of delivering quality. We ensure that the legacy of this splendid art will not be lost in the pages of history.


Managing Director


In the marble trade business since the last 36 years, his business instincts have only sharpened. He possesses an ability to distinguish a potential from a façade. Analytically calling a spade a spade makes him an honest businessman – a rarity!

His spirit of exploration caught the reflection off the iridescence of Mother of Pearl and inlay work. Thence began his journey toward building where it stands today.


Marketing Director


It all began washing dirt off cars while pursuing a Masters in International Business in Australia; he experienced the fruit of undiluted hardwork and focus. Currently, from running a Sanitaryware and Tiles’ showroom and incepting an ecommerce site for the same to connecting with thousand readers through his creative blogs, he dons and balances many hats deservingly.

Inheriting the thirst of innovation from his father, he delves deeper carrying the baton and bringing to how it stands today.


Master Director


Picking up things coming her way and inserting creativity in them is her favourite way of excelling. With plunges in multiple and varied fields, she displays the crucial quality of sincerity that has aided her through unfamiliar territories.

Earlier as a design student and as a creative writer, today she wants her identity to be of an entrepreneur. Learning the tricks of the trade on the go, she holds the creative responsibility of what strives to be.


Maker Director


As the third generation of the family, he is a connoisseur of this dwindling art. His masterly crafted pieces bask in wonderment in the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi. Born to the city of the Taj Mahal, in his ancestral home, he grasped and imbibed the workmanship like fish to water. He moved to Pune (Maharashtra) a decade ago for a project and stayed back to develop the market on this side of the country.

With a brilliant mix of tradition and zeal to expand in the modern times, he is the driving (and executing) factor why will continue to taste success.

*Images of Marvel characters are borrowed from the internet
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