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How to Flaunt That Bling

Look at yourself.

Slow down.


Scan around. Dig through every nook and corner. Dust away those untended layers. Peek at the hidden treasures under those rugs.

Didn’t you find something!?

In this compound structure called the human body, i.e. you, there are innumerable elements. It isn’t just atoms and molecules that make you up; bits, generous portions, a little sprinkle – all of that fuse as traits to form your personality.

No two humans are alike.

Likewise, no two homes are similar!

Sure, you are a minimalist. Sleek, but humble, interiors warmly welcome your guests. Or, you could be the confident and ‘unapologetically-me’ flaunting the brightest of colours while crazy prints romance the wooden furnishings. You may believe that life isn’t just black or white and choose all the greys. Or, let natural instincts override so that your guests embrace the coexistence of nature in modern times.

Your home is a reflection of your personality.

There is always at least one quality that dazzles in your overall personality. Find that. And polish it. Wear it with pride!

In that home of yours, find at least one such element in the overall design. Let your home make its own statement!

Here, on, we shall share glimpses of such homes; inlay is the common ‘bling’ in these! Take a peek yourselves




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